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Trump’s decision to kill key Obamacare payments will cost insurers big time through end of year

President Donald Trump’s decision to end key federal payments to Obamacare insurers “will lead to substantial” losses of revenue for health plans, a new analysis finds. Avalere Health said that insurers nationally will lose $1 billion in federal funds as a result of Trump’s dramatic move, unless it is reversed by Congress or halted by court order. The cost-sharing

House Speaker Paul Ryan opposes short-term Obamacare fix proposed in Senate; Schumer says there are enough GOP senators to pass bill

The odds of passing a newly proposed bipartisan “short-term fix” for Obamacare got longer Wednesday as House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office indicated he opposes the bill — even as a leading senator said the bill has enough Republican support to easily pass the Senate if a vote is held. “The speaker does not see anything that changes his