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Saga cruises along as 50-plus Britons continue to holiday

Holidaymakers over the age of 50 have been ignoring the post-Brexit drop in the value of the pound by continuing to book trips abroad, sending profits in Saga’s travel division flying. Rising demand for holidays among those aged over 50, undeterred by sterling’s fall making holidays more expensive, sent profits in the company’s travel unit soaring 63pc to £11.9m for the six

Networking Mastery – Building connections that matter

Networking is essential for business growth and personal success. Yet the adage “it’s not what you know its who you know” seems to have significantly more weight in this 21st century world of busyness, where jobs are filled before they are advertised and previously unthought-of collaborations appear out of nowhere to create new and competitive markets and

Lloyd’s CEO makes call for US flood insurance reform

The devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma highlights the problem of inadequate flood insurance in the United States, according to Lloyd’s. The insurance market believes reforms are needed to move more risk into the private sector. Currently, most flood risk is borne by the National Flood Insurance Program, a federal program that was already

Why Hurricane Irma might be good for the insurance industry

Could the Lloyd’s insurance market actually welcome Hurricane Irma? It sounds unthinkable but there is a school of thought that some on Lime Street, home to the world’s most famous insurance market, will quietly take grim satisfaction from what has happened. Not from the death, destruction and misery that Irma has wrought, of course. Yet