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US stocks pare losses triggered by Michael Flynn reports

Stocks on Wall Street closed lower on Friday, but pared the steepest losses triggered by reports related to an ongoing investigation of Russian influence in the Trump campaign. Increased confidence that Congress is on track to pass a corporate tax cut helped to stem the declines. The Dow Jones closed at 24,231.59, down 40.76 points

UK warned on cost of ‘hard Brexit’

The leading authority on world trade has told the BBC that there are likely to be costs attached to a “hard Brexit”. Roberto Azevedo, director general of the World Trade Organisation, said that negotiations between the UK and the European Union would be difficult and “extremely unpredictable”. He said achieving a smooth exit and a

Tax bill: Trump victory as Senate backs tax overhaul

US senators have passed a sweeping tax cuts bill, paving the way for Donald Trump’s first big legislative victory. The package would mark the biggest tax overhaul since the 1980s. It was passed by 51 votes to 49, after a series of amendments in a marathon session. Democrats complained it only benefited the wealthy and

Your Business Can Succeed With Email Marketing

Email promoting isn’t another idea by any methods, yet a few organizations are still not holding onto this advertising idea and additionally they ought to be. There are a few stresses that join email promoting, for example, – Won’t my messages be dealt with as spam? – Is it an exercise in futility? – In