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Your airliner may be flying electric within a decade

The auto industry is going electric. Is aviation next? Major European carrier EasyJet announced Wednesday that it is teaming up with U.S. startup Wright Electric to build an all-electric airliner. The aircraft they have in mind would handle short routes of 335 miles or less — think New York to Boston or London to Paris.

Boeing UK contracts ‘jeopardised’ over Bombardier row

Boeing’s trade dispute with Bombardier “could jeopardise” its defence contracts with the UK government, the UK’s defence secretary has warned. Sir Michael Fallon made the comments after the US opted to impose a tax on the C-Series jet made by Bombardier. The proposed 220% import tariff could threaten Bombardier jobs in Belfast. Rival Boeing had

Everything you need to know about the Big 6 tax plan

After months of closed-door negotiations, the “Big Six” on Wednesday unveiled its long-awaited plan to rewrite the tax code. The task now is selling the sweeping proposal to rank-and-file lawmakers. Republicans hope to get a bill to President Donald Trump’s desk by the end of the year. Here’s what you need to know about the