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New House bill would kill consumer watchdog payday loan rule

Congress has it in for consumer protections enacted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A congressional resolution introduced Friday in the House would kill the CFPB’s new rule aimed at making sure borrowers of so-called payday loans can afford to repay their debt. The House measure’s cosponsors (three Democrats and three Republicans) and the rule’s

Tax reform could hit certain states harder than others

Residents of states with higher tax rates — like California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York — might be facing bigger tax bills if the Republicans’ tax reform passes. Proposed changes to state and local tax and mortgage deductions could be especially damaging to those residents. State and local taxes (also known as SALT) include

Personal Finance Forecasts For Americans Over 50

Last week, Next Avenue kicked off our weekly series of forecasts for Americans over 50 with predictions for the future of their health over the next five and 10 years — plus a Jetsons forecast beyond that. Now it’s my turn to do something similar for the personal finances of Americans over 50. Credit: Shutterstock Over the next three

Five Personal Finance Rules You Should Be Following

Managing money properly is one of the most common things that people struggle with on a day-to-day basis. Though it can be difficult to carefully track your finances, failure to do so can have a significant negative impact on your life, in some cases resulting in bankruptcy or an inability to ever create decent savings.