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Startup Looks to Boost VR Resolution by 70 Percent

The grainy resolution of current virtual reality headsets — even powerful ones like the Oculus Rift — isn’t likely to impress people used to watching an HDTV, let alone a 4K set. To change that, a Finnish startup called Varjo is working on a new VR headset design that it says has a resolution 70 times greater than the

Why Fintech Startups Need Smart Analytics

Financial technology has been all the rage these days, and there’s no shortage of fintech startups popping up across the globe. However, investments have been slowing down, indicating that the industry is reaching saturation for certain verticals. As such, startups should expect stiff competition. In addition to increasingly fierce competition and possible consolidation in the

3 Startups Attempting to Capitalize on 2 Very Big Trends

\ I was privileged to be a judge recently at a pitch event hosted by Angelou Economics where entrepreneurs born outside the US pitched their ideas and companies. Some ideas were half-baked, others solved problems too small to be of interest to investors but some startups were very enlightened, polished and tackling big problems. I strive to