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Mattress Startup Purple Agrees to $1.1B Merger With Publicly Traded Investment Shell Company

Utah-based Purple will become the first publicly traded mattress startup when it completes a merger with a publicly traded investment shell company at a valuation of $1.1 billion. The deal will make Purple’s founders Tony and Terry Pearce very rich, with a stake in the new entity that Forbes estimates at $850 million. The Pearces, Mormon brothers with 44

Health tech startup 98point6 raises $19.5M to connect patients with doctors in new ‘virtual clinic’

What if you could have quality primary care that treats you when you need it and helps you stay healthy — without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office? It sounds a bit far-fetched to some. But to 98point6 co-founder and CEO Robbie Cape that system is just around the corner — and the company’s investors seem convinced he’s right.

Social media AI startup Meshfire is closing, founders aim to find a new home for the technology

Meshfire, an artificial intelligence-backed social media management company based in Kirkland, Wash., will shut down Sept. 30. Meshfire CEO Eli Israel penned a blog post announcing the closure, saying that the company has not grown enough to continue. Five years ago, we set out to change the way that people use Twitter with artificial intelligence to help you find