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‘Essential startup advice’ from top Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator

The folks at Y Combinator have seen a lot startups succeed and fail, so it’s probably worth listening to their advice if you’re launching your own company. The renowned Silicon Valley accelerator published a blog post on Monday written by YC partners Geoff Ralston and Michael Seibel outlining “the most important, most transformative advice for startups” as deemed by

Here’s How You can Control your Home From Your Phone

Just like any other new technology, smart homes are attracting more consumers in urban cities. People have started acknowledging the role of technology in designing energy-efficient homes. Smart home means using technology in a house to facilitate automation. Companies like Samsung and Amazon have already entered the segment with their devices that work with smartphones to keep your home

Saga Of A 20 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Kicked Her Career With Bike Rentals

Two wheeler rental aggregation is an untapped market. Motorcycle rental marketed is largely an unorganized space which presents great value not just for commuters but also for people looking at recreational use of motorcycles. Sensing the need to organized this unorganized market, the trio, Pranay Shrivastava, Moksha Srivastava and Mritunjay Kumar founded Wheelstreet in November

How These 4 Startups Are Transforming Agriculture

Growing at more than 7 per cent, Agriculture sector is the soul of world’s economy by contributing 17 per cent to the GDP. I wondered why tech savy entrepreneurs of the country didn’t tap this sector? And while I was researching for this article, I found that there are numerous startups already working towards the