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Scania fined 880m euros over price collusion

Scania has been fined 880m euros (£771m) by the European Commission for colluding with five other truckmakers over prices and emissions costs. The other five companies were given a record 2.9bn euro fine in July 2016 but Scania held out and would not co-operate with the investigation. The EU antitrust regulators ruled that Scania, owned by Volkswagen,

400,000 more passengers to be hit by Ryanair cancellations

Ryanair will cancel another 18,000 flights between November and March, affecting the travel plans of another 400,000 passengers. It will fly 25 fewer planes to cut the risk of further flight cancellations. A total of 34 routes will be suspended this winter, including Stansted to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Gatwick to Belfast and Newcastle to Faro. Earlier this

Schäuble set to step down as German finance minister

Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s long-standing pro-austerity finance minister, is set to leave the post. He has been finance minister for the past eight years, gaining a reputation for toughness in eurozone negotiations with Greece. Mr Schäuble, 75, will be nominated for the post of speaker of Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag. Following this week’s election, the Free

The benefits women actually want in a workplace

Some companies get a lot of good press for the perks and benefits they offer to employees — like nap rooms, comped egg freezing, free snacks, team parties and more. But it turns out those things might not be exactly what women are looking for in a workplace. According to InHerSight, a Glassdoor-like website for