What Is Online Car Insurance?

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When you buy a vehicle, you need to buy an insurance that protects it from damage. For a car, the insurance policy  is available on annual basis. In India, vehicle insurance is mandatory if you want to avoid paying fines and the risk of driving without any protection.

But nowadays, there is no need to stand in long queues to get your car insurance policy in hand. It can be done from the comfort of your own house too.  An online car insurance is when you are able to buy your policy via the internet, thereby saving time as well as money in the process.

Find Best Deals On Online Car Insurance Plans

Once you have decided to buy your policy online, the next step is to compare various car insurance plans and choose the one most suited to you. While doing this, you need to know the various deals that you are eligible for and then take a final decision. Read on to find out some of the best deals on online car insurance plans.

Lower Premiums:

When you go online for your car insurance policy, you end up paying lower premiums because of the absence of costs that you would normally incur if you physically went to an insurance company. These costs range from sales commission, processing charges, distribution fees, etc. which are no longer expended by the company when you go online.

Ease of Comparison:

At the time of buying your car insurance policy online, you are exposed to the opportunity of comparing and contrasting multiple policies before choosing the best one. An easy way to compare policies is to choose an insurance brokerage service like that will provide you a list of features across various policies in just a few clicks.


In an attempt to motivate people to buy their car insurance policies online, a lot of insurance companies associate with other partners to provide discounts and other offers. Especially when it comes to payment, you may have cashback offers or discount percentages that become applicable upon the usage of a particular credit or debit card.

Unbiased Decision Making:

When you buy an online car insurance policy, you are not subjecting yourself to the biased or limited information that a sales agent may or may not provide you. Instead, you get to read through all the information available and make your own decision based on what you feel is the best. This makes your final choice an intelligent and well thought out process without involving the opinions of another person.

Things You Cannot Miss About Online Car Insurance

There are many benefits that an online policy purchase has over buying it from offline platform. But before you go online, here are some key points that you should make sure not to miss, especially when buying a car insurance policy.

Ensure Transparency:

Whatever information you want to know should be readily available to you at your fingertips. Starting from the type of policy, the coverage, the duration to customer service contacts, make sure that the website you are going through provides you all the details without leaving you uninformed.

Check for Reputation:

Before you finalize on a certain policy, you should be aware of the reputation of the insurance company. This is where user reviews, complaint portals, and social media comments will help you understand the shortcomings of an insurance company or policy and how that could potentially affect you if you end up making that particular choice.

Gain Complete Understanding:

Sometimes, you may take an unwise decision either because you don’t have the time to read through the entire policy or because you have difficulty in understanding every specification. In these cases, it is always better to call the customer care service and get your queries answered. Remember to take your own time and read through all the terms and conditions as it is better than jumping into the decision and regretting it later.

The Comprehensive Brief

Buying your car insurance policy online is simple, convenient, and time-saving. While there are considerations to keep in mind, the benefits of online car insurance purchase outweigh  purchasing the insurance policy through other platforms. Insurance aggregator websites like further eliminate these risks, hence providing you with a guarded and unbiased outlook on securing your vehicle. So, go digital with confidence!